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Born in Gadsden Alabama, now residing in Moody Alabama, suburb of Birmingham. I’m 48 years old, and a local truck driver for Southeastern Freightlines. I have been a LTL driver for 26 years. I have one son, Chandler, who is 20 years old. I have been a dirt racing fan since middle school and even raced myself 20 years ago. Going to race or being a spectator was my #1 hobby up until 3 years ago when I got introduced to cornhole. I have went from backyard pitching to becoming a professional. My first season in American Cornhole Organization in 2020-21 I finished ranked 21st in America and won my 1st Major in Mesquite NV in singles. Thus far in ACO season 2021-22 I have won 2 Majors, one in singles and one in doubles, have finished 2nd in two other Majors, and have won 12 regional tournaments. I’m currently ranked 4th in ACO. I am beyond proud to be sponsored by Over The Top Cornhole. The Warden bags are phenomenal! Have won many tournaments with them and look forward to winning many more. My Favorite OTT bags are the Warden series. 


My name is Lowell Sampson I am from Guntersville Alabama and currently live in Albertville with my wife Karrie and our 4 fur babies  I started playing cornhole while playing softball in between games and down time we would pull out the boards … having a competitive heart I started focusing to become better at this part time sport and heard of a tournment so me and my softball buddy entered thinking we was decent in this game and got our butts handed to us by some full time players … that was 7 years ago saying all that to say this I gave up softball to focus on my cornhole game it took and takes still getting my Butt handed to me to stay focused and finding bags to accommodate my throw  and a partner that you can throw comfortably with and always remember the next game what you should of done and do it


My name is Shawn from Columbus Ohio I got started in this game from a buddy that was on my softball team ask me to throw in a regional with him. I fell in love with the game and wanted to get serious. My first full season was season 15 @American Cornhole Organization where I became a pro and a lifetime member. I got linked up with OTT and been throwing since Panama 2021.  Season 17 is got asked to join the work crew they call me the SNOWMAN for in drive the truck to the majors. I got linked up with my new doubles partner for season 18 with mr Chris Norris whom we welcome to the team with us we are going to make some NOISE!!! YEE YEE!!! Let’s GOOO, hit some shot’s OVER THE TOP


I was born in San Antonio Texas, now residing in Kirksey Kentucky where I have been for over forty years. I like to call it Gods Country. I am 47 years old and the Owner of RT Contracting and Development Inc. I have been in the construction field most of my life. I have always heard the saying do something you love and you will never work a day in your life. I have two daughters, Audrey who is 15 and she competes in is archery, marching band and is currently learning to play tennis. My Older daughter, Abbey, who is 16 competes in archery and concert band.  She is taking college classes this year as a junior. I am very proud to watch them dominate archery tournaments, march on the field in band or see their academic accomplishments.  I have played sports all my life including baseball, softball and volleyball. I got lucky and married Cherishe, a woman that supports everything I do. She is my rock behind the scenes that makes everything possible. I have been playing cornhole for over 23 years.  I heard Fin on one live feed refer to me as the Godfather of Cornhole. A few of my friends and I started West Ky Cornhole about 13 years ago and it has been going strong ever since. I started my cornhole career with Philip Haydon as my partner in Tunica Mississippi about 11years ago. I have run a major and been a certified official for about 10 years. I have been playing as a professional since my first season where I have been in the Corny Forty and Top Gun Twenty about every year. I have won several majors through the years. In season 17 I got to throw the bags back to the reigning King of Cornhole, Craig Ervin, and it has been a blast. I received the Woody award (CO of the Season) and the Road Dog Award (In Honor of Mike Schaffer), two of my proudest moments for sure. If you get time to come to Kirksey and play in the Barn-O-Minium you will keep coming back. We run 9 courts and will treat you like family. I recently picked up Over the Top Cornhole as a sponsor. Ott has bags for every throw with 11 different series of bags. I will have all 11 series to try at all my regionals. If you haven’t tried these bags, you are missing out. These bags will carry you to the winner’s circle. I am looking forward to playing the new season and winning with Over the Top Cornhole.


My name is Douglas Parker, I am 35 years old and I live in Smithville, Ms!  My primary partner is Lisa Barber from Mooreville Ms,! I  have 3 children Breanna,Matthew,& Payton! I work in the furniture industry, I am a upholster of 17 years & currently employed at Behold Home Furniture in Smithville Ms,! I have been playing cornhole for 3 years now and I have genuinely loved every single minute of it! What can I say I am addicted to cornhole…I have been so blessed to now be in my 3rd season in the ACO as a professional ranked player 3 years in a row! This game is like no other, cornhole family is like no other,  and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my time besides pitchin bags with friends and family! My go to bags are the “convict” “cell block” and the “sheriff”! And as always first and foremost Without God nothing is possible stay blessed!
3x ACO PRO season 16,17,18, 3x ACO CORNY FORTY,ACO SEASON 16 doubles state champion with josh Glover, currently 22-22 making it into main bracket singles at ACO majors, PCB ACO MAJOR QUADS AND DOUBLES CHAMPION with Justin Duke , 8 regional wins in season 16, 12 regional wins in season 17, 2022 ACL ADVANCED SINGLES STATE CHAMP, 2022 ACL ADVANCED DOUBLES STATE CHAMP with Josh Glover, 1st season ranked 24 world singles, 2nd season ranked 38 world singles, 3rd season ranked 21 world singles


I’m 24 years old. Born and raised in Franklin, Kentucky. I was introduced to cornhole at a young age. I started going over to my best friend’s house and we would play against his mom and step dad. That’s how I met my partner, Willie Johns. I didn’t pitch much during high school, but got back into it in college. I would go play in local blind draws. Finally, I teamed up with Willie to play in a ACO regional to see how well we could compete at the next level. Needless to say, I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been playing in the ACO goin on 4 years now. Over the past few years I had some amazing accomplishments; finished in the top gun 20 at 14th, corny forty finish at 11th, and a 2nd place finish at the ACO world singles championship. I’m excited to see what season 18 has in store throwing OTT!


Hi, I am Emma Jernigan. I am 14 and I am from Baker, FL. I like playing sports, my favorites are basketball and now cornhole. I learned to play in the backyard with my dad and family. I win a lot of local club tournaments and now I’m working on becoming a PRO in ACO. I have already placed 2nd in ACO Regional Juniors and 4th in Regional Singles. My go to bags are OTT Convicts. My favorite players are Kim Dice and Megan Puckett. I’m excited about Season 18 and attending my first ACO Major in PCB, FL.


 I was born in Elmira New York. I’m 48 birthdays on July 29th. I moved to Middle Tennessee when I was about 12 & lived there for 30 years. I’ve lived here in Kentucky for the last six or seven years.
Growing up, I just lived for sports, basically anything with a ball. My first love was football and then I turned to basketball which is probably my favorite. I started playing softball when I was about 16 or 17 and I played that pretty much like I do cornhole, every day of the week. I would also travel on the weekends playing in big tournaments as well as world tournaments. A few surgeries, brought me to the game of cornhole. This is my fourth year playing competitively and second year as a pro. I have a beautiful wife Brittany, two wonderful daughters Kiara and Kenzi and four step children Jarod, Kelsey, Aaron and Sarah.


Hello my name is Rob Cooksey, I’m from Southeast Missouri. I’m self employed as a contractor for 32 years. I started playing bags at my daughters wedding reception in 2021, got addicted pretty quick & started competitive playing ACO just months after that. My other hobbies were dirt track racing from 1992-2000, winning  a few championships. I also love hunting & fishing! I’m proud to be a part of the OTT crew & look forward to making pro status in season 18!


In the ACO world, I am known as 007, being the 7th ACO Lifetime Member in a group of extraordinary ACO players and Family.  This tag name was given to me by the man himself, Frank Geers, founder and CEO of the ACO.  I am also co-CO of the newly branded East Mississippi Cornhole group, hard-core supporter of OTT Cornhole.  Watch out for us, we will be making some noise starting in ACO Season 19.  I’ve been playing competitively since 2018, I may not have the accolades of some of the other exceptional OTT Pros and team, but my passion for the sport of cornhole is unparalleled.

I was born in Ohio and moved all over the eastern part of the US until we settled on Cape Cod.  When I was 18, I joined the Navy.  Then I saw the world, and what a great world it is, so many different cultures and people, I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to see what I have seen.  I now live in Tishomingo, MS, the hometown of Leigh Ann, my lovely wife of 16 years.  We have 3 great kids who are now grown and out on their own, even though they are not mine biologically, they are mine all the same.  We also have 4 grandchildren ranging from the ages of 5 to 1 and spoil them relentlessly. 

Being a member of the OTT team is an immense privilege for me, Adam Gilbert and OTT cornhole were so supportive and generous for our ACO Mississippi State Championship, that I want to show the same support for such a distinguished bag company.  I am honored and humbled to be a part of such a great crew.  I may not be in the Corny 40 or the Top Gun 20 in the ACO, but my heart is huge, and my passion is strong, and that is what I can bring to the table.  I will be here to support OTT and all of the OTT team; I also promise I will “Do Work”, you can count on that.

matthew parker

Hi I’m Matthew Parker I am 13 years old and from Smithville Mississippi.I first started playing cornhole when I was 9 years old in the drive way with my dad.When I’m not playing cornhole I like spending my time fishing,hunting,playing sports at school,and throwing disc golf but when I’m on the boards I’m bringing heat with my OTT creepers and kronics.What I love about cornhole the most is meeting new people and making new friends.I’ve won multiple junior regionals and placed in many tournaments my goal is one day to become a professional cornhole player like my dad.


 Wife: Angie
Kids: Brent and Lexi
Hometown: Lagrange GA
Hobbies: spending time with family, golfing with my son and of course cornhole with anyone
Occupation: Retail Management 
Intrest: I love putting on tournaments whether it’s myself or Terry Knowles with East Alabama Cornhole I love teaching people that have not tried the sport just to have fun while getting better traveling with our group to the Majors and Regionals always a big time.

Troy (Yorty) Catlin

I was born and raised in Carmi Illinois. I’m 52 years old and I’m a Veteran of the United States Navy were I served in Desert Storm back in the early 1990’s. I now reside in Foley Alabama just about 7 miles north of Gulf Shores. I have 2 children(both girls) Ashton Coultas and Abagail Catlin. I’m married to my beautiful wife Mary Ann for almost 12 years now. I lived in Evansville In. for 20 years where I started playing Cornhole in 2010. I got interested in playing at a competitive nature in 2016. I then became a Certified Official for the ACO in 2017 where I started hosting Regional tournaments at a local bar. I achieved my ACO Pro status by finishing #57 in the world for season 14. My wife and I decided to move to South Alabama during season 16 so I didn’t get to play much Cornhole. I have since secured a fabulous venue and now I’m ready to go FULL FORCE ACO for Season 18. 💪🏼💪🏼🤙🏼


I’m 32 years old living in a small town in flora illinois. I started playing washers in 2010 played in alot of big tournaments and winning the main 2 events back to back weeks in 2012. Years went by and we had our 4th of July weekend at my uncles and he introduced us to cornhole I did not know what the game was until he showed us 😂 I struggled at first and he actually asked me if I needed a handicap 🤣 knowing me I said no cause I’m way to competitive and got used to it and started beating him.
Got some practice in and I thought I was ready for my aco regional and got our butts handed to us in doubles and in singles so I thought I was not good so stopped playing for a couple months till my dad and Kevin Smith told me to get back into it. Got alot of practice in then hit another regional making it to the king seat match vs TJ Miller and losing 21-19 then I knew I was good enough to play with these top pros. My first full season last year I finished 64th. Now in to my 2nd full season I am currently ranked 15th in world singles and ranked 4th in world doubles with Daniel deisher. I have got 3 2nds in singles and 1 major win in doubles at Oregon so far this season. Started coed with Michelle Caldwell late into the season and will be coming up the rankings fast. 


Born in Tupelo ,MS, lived there my whole life. I have one son and have been blessed with one super cute grandson! Have been a dental assistant for 20 years. My mom and dad were awesome athletes, so needless to say me and my two older brothers were always playing some kind of sports year round. While my parents were still in their prime playing softball, I was crawling around in the dugout . When it was my time I hit the field running! I loved softball, ate it, slept it and breathed it!!! Played on many winning teams , won many championships and made many life long friends. Time came for my son tob start playing ball so I hung up my glove and cleats. Now I have found a new love and that is cornhole!!! Started out as just being an extra if the tournament needed  filling in, I was hooked. Now I try my best to be on the podium as much as possible. This was my first year to try and truly be competitive and it has been my best one yet. I see so much potential for my game to improve and plan on doing just that with Over The Top bags! So excited and thankful for this opportunity.  My primary doubles and coed partner is Douglas Parker and women’s doubles partner is Ruth Kitchens.  My bags of choice are the convicts, cell block and the sheriff.


Born and raised in a small town in the upper most north west corner of Florida called Jay. Jay is a one caution light town that shaped my whole life. I attended Jay high school where I played quarterback for the varsity football team for four years and shortstop for the varsity baseball team for four years.

Upon graduating, I had a full ride scholarship to the University of West Florida, where I received a BSBA in accounting.

At the age of 19, I was asked to come play in a league softball game. During my second game I was approached by a men’s major team and the next 18 years were a blur. I played ball every weekend and most every night of the week. I ended my career in softball three years ago due to both my sons playing high school sports.

Hayden is 16 and is the quarterback and shortstop at Jay High School, and Bryson age 13 is the receiver and shortstop for the J at Jay High School.

Two years ago this November, I was introduced to Cornhole. Without knowing how serious this game is, I signed up for an ACL event with only playing for three weeks. To my amazement I was able to pull out a win in doubles and second place in singles and the rest was history. I was hooked, and I haven’t settled. I want to get better each day.

(Fun Fact) I have actually paid an advanced level player $10 a game for 10 games just to play me at his best.

I created the organization called Bad Intentions’ Baggers. I am also an ACO Certified official for season 18. BIB was created with only 7 members and within 3 weeks had over 300 followers with players wearing the logo all the way up in Tennessee! To fly the BIB logo means that you have to believe that you are the best player in the building at all times. It means you go hard and play each game with one intention, A Bad Intention.

Being from an area so rich Cornhole talent, I know I have to outwork my competition. I am now considered a top level player with numerous local tourney wins, regional wins, and strong finishes at the only three majors I have ever attended.

I have recently won the overall doubles championship in the Burner Series powered by OTT,

and was able to finish second overall in the sinales Division of the Burner.

My go to bags are the Protectors by Over The Top.

The shots I am known for is the CUT bag and the AIRMAIL.

With my best friend, biggest supporter, and fiancé, Christy, at my side. We plan on getting that PRO Jersey next season with the ACO.


Hey, I’m Charlie Drafall. I’m originally from Elgin, IL but we have come to love the state of Florida. I’m married to Georgia & we have no kids (that’s why I can play cornhole every night). I’m currently retired and focused on cornhole. I started cornhole during the pandemic. I lost my first 10 tournament games. Now im a rookie with ACO season 18 and placed 9th in my first singles at a Major. I love our area because we can play every night of the week And Regionals at least 3 times a month. My go to bag is OTT Jester!! I also play with OTT Sheriffs and OTT Kronic. I’m gunning for a Purple Jersey!!


My name is Brandon Decker from Qulin, Missouri- population of 936, but I attended high school in Richland, MO and grew up in the Lake of the Ozarks area. I am employed with PWSD#2 as the water operator. I have been married 6 years to my wife Carlee, who enjoys the game and who I threw coed and doubles, most of last season. We have two children Luke (6) and Harper (5). We also have 4 dogs. I have been playing cornhole for about a year and a half. I started playing with some friends who played at a local Elks Lodge in a neighboring town. We started playing there once a week and before long we were on the road about every weekend heading to a tournament. I joined team OTT toward the beginning of Season 17 as just a sales rep but for Season 18 we decided to go all in with Team OTT. Season 18 I’m teaming up with my wife for coed throwing “Verdicts” and “Cell Blocks” and my buddy Travis Swaim out of Arkansas for doubles throwing “ Cell Blocks”’ “Sheriffs”, and “Convicts”. I am definitely looking to make a name for myself in Season 18 and grab that Pro Card while I’m at it. #TEAMOTT


Hi, I am Terry Knowles from Beauregard, AL. I am retired from Michelin and a volunteer firefighter.
I’ve been playing cornhole competitively since 2019. I run East Alabama Cornhole. We have weekly
tournaments and benefit tournaments. One of my favorite things to do is to run a benefit tournament and
help those in need, especially kids. I also enjoy meeting new people while playing cornhole. Cornhole
family and friends are amazing. My hobbies include riding horses, fishing, and hunting. I am excited
joining the OTT family. I want to thank Adam Gilbert in giving this opportunity to be part of OTT.
#familyfirst #stayhumble #neverquite


My name is Gregg “Fujita” Griffith and I was born at Nellis AFB, NV. I moved to Eglin AFB at the age of 4, when my dad got stationed there. I am proud of my Okinawan and Kentucky heritages. I have a passion for cooking Southern Comfort foods and Asian Cuisine. My drink of choice is Kentucky Whiskey or Bourbon. Formally a softball player, I started playing cornhole in 2012 and never looked back. My favorite part about cornhole is teaching others techniques and strategies, that I have learned over the years. My go to OTT bags are the Defender, Boom, and the Felon. My goals are to one day become an ACO Pro and break into the top 50.


Hey All! I am from the small town of Qulin, MO. The place I was born, raised and still reside with my husband Brandon and our two children Luke (6) and Harper (5) in the family home that I grew up in. I am the City Clerk for the City of Qulin (Fun Fact: my late Grandmother, Clella served as the Qulin city clerk for 13 years and then went on to become the very first elected female Mayor in 1992). I was lucky enough to spend the majority of my youth traveling with my mom playing softball. She’s always been my biggest fan. I attended Broseley High School where I was honored to be the first to have my jersey retired in 2010. I started out playing cornhole locally just to get out of the house. My Husband finally talked me into playing competitively last year for season 17, where he and I teamed up together in doubles and co-ed. As much as I have grown to love the game itself,its the friends that have turned into family this past year that bring me back for season 18. Im sighted in on my goals this year and am excited to have OTT Verdicts, Convicts and Cell Blocks with me!


My name is Adam Armacost but, everyone calls me L.A. Bag choice #Kronic
I was born in Fort Walton Beach and was first introduced to cornhole in 2014. I’ve watch the game evolve and while the game got more serious I decided to take a back seat. I got more into the competitive side in late 2019 and even more so through the pandemic. I’m the so called Scoreholio guru and couldn’t be happier throwing a bag I truly believe in. REFUSE TO LOSE. OTT family for life. 


Born in Somerville, TN but raised in the small town of Rienzi, MS where I still reside.  Married for almost 25 years to Gary Kitchens. We have 1 daughter, Aundrea Coker (Tyler) and 1 grandson, Dawson.  I played backyard cornhole for about 6 years.  My daughter and I played a tournament in Tupelo about 3 years ago and I was hooked!  I have played ACO for 1.5 seasons.  I play doubles and COED with Greg Neighbors and women’s doubles with Lisa Barber.  My most memorable moments in cornhole are winning Women’s State Champion Season 16, and who could forget their first time getting out of pool play?!!  I plan on OTT Convicts being my number 1 bag in season 18 with a slower bag such as the Cell Block being my back up bag.  I hope to keep improving my game and represent you well OTT!


So here goes lol 😆 a little bit about Linda Griffith  my mom & I moved to the panhandle when I was about 1 1/2 years old she met my dad and had my sister. Our whole family was into sports growing up playing basketball but softball was the family passion. My sister and I played, mom played coached, was a umpire and dad was a coach. I’m a wife mother and a proud gigi. When the boys got old enough I hung up my cleats for their turn. Then I herd about this cornhole thing and thought I would try. Turns out I love it. I still play softball since my son and husband pulled me out of retirement but it’s nice being able to play with them.  However cornhole is my new passion considering I’m getting older it’s a much safer sport. I hope to continue to getting more consistent and do the OTT family proud!!


My name is Eric (Bandit) Bruce and I call NW Florida home. I moved here 12 years ago from Alaska and absolutely love it here. I worked in Prudhoe Bay Alaska as a fuels distribution dispatcher and manager for many years. I’m fortunate enough to not have to make that long commute anymore and be able to do the things I enjoy doing, especially cornhole. I’ve only been playing for 2 1/2 years but to say I became addicted would be an understatement. When you hear that Cornhole is Family you soon learn that it undoubtedly is. I’ve made lifelong friends from all over the country and meet more at each tournament. I’m very competitive as most of us players are so I love playing against the best talent out there. My bag of choice is the Verdict but the Cell Block is a go to when I need to slow it down a little.


Born in West Memphis, AR now lives in Nettleton, MS. Married for 12 years to Amy Neighbors. I have two sons, two daughters and five grandchildren. I’ve been playing cornhole for about 4 years now. I play COED and Doubles with Ruth Kitchens. One of my most memorable moments was hitting an airmail challenge at Randall Garrison’s tournament for $1100. I hope to come in as an underdog this year and at least make Pro status. Thanks to OTT Convicts for being my #1 bag with the Cell Block being my go to backup bag. I hope to keep things going and represent OTT well in Season 18.


Hey name is Dalton Shehee and I was born and raised in Enterprise Alabama. I have been playing cornhole for almost 2 years now just local tournaments. This year I will be playing ACO Season 18 doubles partner with Adam Gilbert himself. I’m hoping to do work this year as the OTT FAM says. My go to bag is the Cell Block but I can throw the Sheriffs just as good. Just a little about myself I am a first responder close to my hometown I have been doing that for about a year now full time, also have been doing it for about 5 years volunteer at a fire department. Prior to that I worked in a t-shirt printing warehouse for 2 years. I am one day hoping to go pro I know it takes time but practice makes perfect and playing people better than you also helps. We shall see how it goes and once again let’s do work!!!! OTT !!!! SHOOT IT!!!!

Chris Hann

I am from Union Hill Alabama but i now live in Pulaski Tn. I am 39 years old and just recently engaged. I have 3 daughters that keep me busy. Hobbies are mainly going out on our wake boat and hunting but of course playing cornhole is #1. I have only been playing 1 season really but i started out in competitive and then moved up to advanced winning alot of local tournaments and regionals. I mainly played in the ACL last season but this season my goal is to travel and play mainly ACO and become pro. My bag of choice right now is OTT Verdict and cant wait to represent OTT this season.


My name is Chris norris I was born and raised in Bardstown Kentucky just south of Louisville currently live in Mount washington Kentucky  I have 2 sons my oldest is 8 easton and my youngest is 3 Gannon.started playing corn hole in between softball games about 3 years ago started playing competitive corn hole September of 2020 June 2022 I won acl ky state championship my goal is to break into the aco top 40 this year in singles and doubles


Hi! I live in Central Arkansas and am a member of 501 Cornhole. I have two sons. Chase (26) and Nic (20). Chase is married to Liz, and they have their son Jax. I am blessed to work from home as a Customer Service Correspondence Rep for AR-BCBS. I participated in my first ACO Major in Branson, MO during Season 16 and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. I grew up playing softball and basketball and have continued playing softball and watching my boys play baseball and football. I love competition! Season 17 was more than just the competition for me though. It was also developing some of the best friendships I’ve had. I didn’t really plan to continue into Season 18 but during the short month off between seasons I realized how much I would miss the traveling, the competing and the friends! So here I am, going full force into Season 18 and looking for several wins with my OTT Sherriffs! I’m honored to be a part of this team!


My name is Willie Johns I’m 56 years old I work for Nutrien Ag Solutions as a salesman to farmers I have been throwing cornhole professionally now for around 3 years now I live in Franklin Ky and that’s where I was born and raised glad to be part of the OTT team really like the bags and planning on doing big things with them they are some of the best bags I’ve thrown my doubles partner is Austin Thomason I feel like we are going to win some majors this season with these bags. Me and Austin finished in the TopGun 20 this season 14th overall.My wife and stepson got me a set of boards and bags years ago for Father’s Day and that’s how I got started.Austin was buddies with my stepson Ty and they would play with me and my wife Judy on the weekends always enjoyed beating them and everybody that has played with me much knows my saying baammm and another one is never give up !


My name is Daniel Tolton. I am from a small town in Alabama named Arab and I’m 29 years young. I picked up Cornhole in the summer of 2019 attending my first local tournament and immediately got hooked. I’ve played 2 seasons in the ACO and finally got pro status in season 17. I finished #62 in singles and #6 in doubles with my partner Chase Puckett. I’m looking to make some noise this season in singles and doubles with OTT!!


Born in Kankakee, IL., I live in a small town called Momence, which sits
between Kankakee and the Indiana state line. I’m 59 years old and have
been a maintenance technician for most of my adult life, currently
working for Nexus – Indian Oaks. It’s a healing/rehab facility for
adolescence children. I have 1 grown daughter, 4 grandchildren and my
girlfriend, Jackie, who is my biggest supporter.
In the late 80’s-90’s, I was part of a pit crew for late model dirt track
racing, which I enjoyed immensely.
I started out playing backyard cornhole with some friends, then a few
of them taught me the ropes of the game and I’ve been hooked ever
since. In early 2013, I started to play more serious, these same buddies
who taught me, won’t play against me now! I started playing on a
league for a local bar and at that time, I discovered what the ACO was
all about. So later on in 2013, I entered my first tournament, where I
traveled to Nashville, TN to compete. I couldn’t believe how many
participants were there for the $10,000 prize. Fast forward to 2021-
2022, I participated in my first season with ACO. I finished the year out
with 9 th in the senior division. I’m so proud to have the opportunity to
be sponsored by OTT, Over the Top Cornhole.


my name is Myles mcclendon everyone calls me milo. I’m kinda a big deal. From Birmingham Alabama. Cornhole is my life. I throw with the best of the best from bama. Jack, Jhonny and Scott are some of my heroes I love to throw with on a daily. My Moto is wanna be the best gotta beat the best and they definitely bring out the best in you.


Hello. My name is Jeff McDonald. I live in Wellington,Kansas. Married many moons to my bride Bridgett. We have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. I was introduced to cornhole by a wonderful young lady and coworker. My very first tournament was an annual event Kaitlin and her small-town friends and family held every Memorial Day. This was the beginning of the “addiction” as they call it now. Seems like everywhere conversation is somehow cornhole related. Haha!! In September of 2021 I attended my first ACO regional in Enid, Oklahoma and had a decent turnout. No money or photo ops to take and share with the world but was introduced to Blake Russell and “The Man” Adam Gilbert. OTT has delivered both a solid tool to me and the most family-friendly experience I have ever come across. I love throwing my Jester(Boom), Sherrif(Tadow), Cell Block, Carpet Diem and Executioner bags. I am not on any fast track to a pro card but trust me with the OTT Family support and quality bags. The goal definitely is reachable. LFG!!!



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