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William “BOOM” Howell

Have you ever laid on your back and been awed of fireworks in the sky? Well, I am as spontaneous, yet as calculated as those fireworks and to a fault, often extinguish the magic with a few 64oz pitchers of delicious nectar of the Gods – Beer! I often shine in the spotlight and leverage my boisterous BOOM attitude to get the party started. When I’m not in Boom mode, I am a Dad, Husband and Brother that loves to still be the aforementioned person, without the showmanship and in a red solo cup. #WeMakeOurOwnLuck

Tim “Tadow” Burnett

I was born in Pensacola Florida on my great great grandmother‘s 91st birthday! My granddaughter 51 years later was born on my birthday how cool is that I have five grandchildren and two lovely daughters. Before Cornhole I was a Professional Archer for one of the biggest companies in the world Hoyt Archery I was on the pro staff for 20 years. Now I’ve got in to Cornhole and was able to become a professional in my first year of playing. I am a two-time major winner in the senior division season 16 and ranked number one in singles and seniors on the West Coast. I live in Fresno California I’ve been here for 45 years I own my own business for the past 23 years.

jack harcrow

Born in Gadsden Alabama, now residing in Moody Alabama, suburb of Birmingham. I’m 48 years old, and a local truck driver for Southeastern Freightlines. I have been a LTL driver for 26 years. I have one son, Chandler, who is 20 years old. I have been a dirt racing fan since middle school and even raced myself 20 years ago. Going to race or being a spectator was my #1 hobby up until 3 years ago when I got introduced to cornhole. I have went from backyard pitching to becoming a professional. My first season in American Cornhole Organization in 2020-21 I finished ranked 21st in America and won my 1st Major in Mesquite NV in singles. Thus far in ACO season 2021-22 I have won 2 Majors, one in singles and one in doubles, have finished 2nd in two other Majors, and have won 12 regional tournaments. I’m currently ranked 4th in ACO. I am beyond proud to be sponsored by Over The Top Cornhole. The Warden bags are phenomenal! Have won many tournaments with them and look forward to winning many more. 


My name is Lowell Sampson I am from Guntersville Alabama and currently live in Albertville with my wife Karrie and our 4 fur babies  I started playing cornhole while playing softball in between games and down time we would pull out the boards … having a competitive heart I started focusing to become better at this part time sport and heard of a tournment so me and my softball buddy entered thinking we was decent in this game and got our butts handed to us by some full time players … that was 7 years ago saying all that to say this I gave up softball to focus on my cornhole game it took and takes still getting my Butt handed to me to stay focused and finding bags to accommodate my throw  and a partner that you can throw comfortably with and always remember the next game what you should of done and do it .


My name is Gregg “Fujita” Griffith and I was born in Nellis, AFB, NV. I moved to Eglin AFB, Fl at the age of 4, when my dad got stationed there. I am proud of my okinawan and Kentucky heritages. I have a passion for cooking southern comfort foods and Asian Cuisine. My drink of choice is Kentucky Whiskey or Bourbon. Formally a softball player, I started playing cornhole in 2012 and never looked back. My favorite part about cornhole is teaching others techniques and strategies., that i ahve learned over the years. My go to OTT bags are the Defender and the Felon. My goals are to one day be an ACO Pro and break into the top 50.

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